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The Okavango is the Garden of Eden, an unspoilt, untouched, intensely romantic and exciting peek at the world as it was made. Teeming with life of every conceivable sort, it challenges and rewards in ways that that no one can predict, and few anticipate.



Oddballs’ Enclave is an adjunct to Oddballs’ proper, a secluded, 10-bed addendum with its own dining area, its own spectacular view, and bigger, walk-in mini Meru tents, with king-sized beds, and all en-suite, al-fresco Okavango-style. Without going over the top Oddballs Enclave have created something with greater creature-comforts, without breaking the bank and without resorting to the gold tap. Oddballs’ Enclave fills a niche in the market, for those who want to be able to stand up in their tent, luxuriate in a large bed with crisp white linen, experience the authentic Okavango, and all in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere without pretension.

And because we love the Okavango we operate no generators, we offer no motorized activities (you will either be gliding through the waterways in a hand-made mokoro, or you will be walking on your own two feet across the islands), solar powers our batteries and heats our water, and every little bit of rubbish is bagged and flown up and out of the Okavango altogether.



An astonishing array of species cohabit in the Okavango, be they plant, animal, bird, insect or reptile. Low nutrient levels mean that sheer numbers of any one species is sacrificed to variety, and few of Africa’s wilderness areas can boast the diversity the Okavango can. Desert and wetland species exist side by side, elephant frolic in the water while the cats, small and large, grit their teeth and take the plunge when they feel they have to. Baboons cavort, crocodiles bask, hippo frolic…



The activities at Oddballs’ Enclave usually start by mokoro, after which you will walk on some of the larger islands in the area. Walking is an integral and significant part of the experience at any time of year. The extent of the walks will depend on your tastes. Guests usually go out in the early morning, having a late breakfast on their return, and again in the afternoon after the midday heat has dissipated, but some elect to go out for the whole day with a packed picnic lunch.

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