Fish River Lodge

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Making the most of the beautiful vistas, the Fish River Lodge has been built in harmony with its stark, striking surroundings. Completed in 2009, all the buildings that make up the lodge pay tribute to the amazing landscape, offering spectacular views of the Fish River Canyon from sunrise to sunset.

The architecture and interiors of Fish River Lodge have taken their queue from the rugged landscape that surround it. Contemporary, and at times monastic, the lodge was designed to reflect the unique beauty of its location.


20 private chalets are dotted along the edge of the canyon, flanking both sides of the main lodge. As with the main building, guests can soak up the enchanting views. The beds have been placed to allow guests a prime spot from which to gaze over the majestic canyon as the sun washes a kaleidoscope of colours over the landscape every morning.

  • Outdoor decks overlook the canyon.
  • The additional outdoor showers takes you one step closer to nature.
  • Large bathrooms with sufficient storage space to keep clutter out of the bedroom.
  • Double basins.
  • An outdoor platform allows for sleeping under the stars on warm nights and is ideal for yoga enthusiasts.


Tearing deep through the ancient landscape of Gondwanaland, the Fish River Canyonis hidden from sight as you approach the main lodge from a farm road off the D463. It is only once you pass through the doors of the Fish River Lodge that the dramatic landscape explodes in full view.

Features include:

  • A rim pool with spacious wooden deck that is ideal for relaxing and outdoor eating.
  • Crackling fires warm the interiors in winter when the wind and cold snaps draw guests inside.
  • Lunches are served on the deck whilst breakfast and candlelight dinners are served in the dining area.
  • Contemporary designer furniture blend with antiques and locally sourced handicraft to create an authentic ambiance.


  • Scenic Sundowner Drive.
  • Day Canyon Drive.
  • Day Canyon Hike.
  • Five Night Canyon Hike.

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